Heritage preservation, sustainable development and LegalTech

Urbanization is a threat to historical heritage
Undeveloped legislation in the field of urban planning regulation of historical sites and the practice of its application
Lack of transparent rules for the interaction of citizens with authorities and regulation of the historical environment
Lack of mechanisms for public control of development in the historical environment
coupled with the uncontrolled intensive growth of cities
uncontrolled development of historical city centers
It leads to

loss of heritage

discordant buildings and a change in the appearance of the heritage sites

conflicts between authorities and citizens due to a misunderstanding of the rules for working in heritage sites


a multidisciplinary team that includes city planners, architects, GR-specialists, economists and lawyers.

We work with historical territories in Russia and focus on historical cities in developing countries.


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    Clear urban planning regulation of historical territories and digitalization of building parameters.
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    Development of a universal standard for the regulation of historical territories, which can be applied in different countries, with different legislation.

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    Development of tools for the interaction of citizens and authorities in the development of historical territories and the development of digital tools with a clear UX to coordinate the appearance of buildings.

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    Development of projects for the sustainable development of historical territories - assessment of the urban development potential of the historical territory
    considering the importance of heritage conservation.
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